Branding Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche


Regardless of what niche you’ve chosen, it’s important that you learn how to brand yourself online. Branding yourself in your niche can be as simple as creating a slogan or a tagline that allows others to easily recognize you. You want your “brand” to be viewed as the top authority. You want to be the go to guru in your industry, so choose a brand wisely.

You can start by coming up with a few keywords that people already associate with your business. Look over what words are driving traffic to your site. Do visitors happen on your site after searching for words like “dog training’ or “caring for pets?’

If you don’t have sufficient website traffic to view the analytics yet, then try asking people familiar with your business what words they’d use to describe it. Once you’ve come up with words describing your online presence, look for an easy to remember tagline.

For instance, if you run a parenting website that also discusses frugal living, you could brand yourself as the frugal mom shopper. Once you’ve come up with a tagline that you like to describe yourself or your business, start sharing it with everyone.

Sign your blog posts with it. Use it on your website. Instead of having an about page, try having a page on your website “about the frugal mother.’ This provides you with one more way to brand yourself.

Add your slogan to your email and forum signat

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